Shows "Yankee"

Solino's Yankee Doodle Dandy


Ghostmars Dark Shadows


Tri-Cas Sweet N' Eazy Loria




29 cm / 11,5 inches


4,5 kg /10 Lbs






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Internationaler Champion FCI
Kroatischer Champion of Beauty
German Champion Club CER
German Champion VDH

Champion of Italia

Lazio Winner 2012

Date Place C Judge Results
27.07 Split C Igor Vyguzov 1 Excellent CAC,CACIB, BOS
26.07 Split C Tamas Jakkel 1 Excellent CAC
25.07 Split C Liz Cartledge 1 Excellent CAC,CACIB,
BIS  brace class with Solino's Ecstasy / Dan Ericsson/Sweden
24.07 Split C Steven Seymour 1 Excellent, CAC
06.07 Schloß Meisdorf O Zilli 1 Excellent, CAC
05.07 Schloß Meisdorf O Beverly Capstick 1 Excellent, CAC
BIS  brace class with Solino's Ecstasy / Timmy Ursula Ralfe /South Africa
15.06 IDS Erfurt CH G.Schicker 1 Excellent/ CAC,CACIB,BOB
31.05 Neumünster CH Grüttner 2 Excellent / re. CAC
12.04 IDS Chemnitz C Jancik 1 Excellent CAC
30.03. IDS Berlin C Wächter 1 Excellent CAC
22.03. Erfurt C Kliebenstein 1 EXELLENT CAC, BOB
23.03. Erfurt C Maissen Jarisch 2 EXCELLENT Res. CAC
03.11 Insubria Winner Busto O M.Forte 1 Excellent, CAC,CACIB,BOB
27.10 Speciale show Messina O Tripolis 1 Excellent , CAC,CACIB,BOB
26.10 Int. show Regio Calabria O Robert Schill 1 Excellent, CAC,CACIB,BOB
29.09 Lucca O Alicia Pennington 1 Excellent res.CAC
28.09 Lucca O Lee Cox (UK) 2 Excellent res.CAC
25.08 Estoril O Ake Cronander 1 excellentCAC, res.CACIB
24.08 Estoril O Adrian Landarte 1 excellent CAC, Best male BOS
23.08 Special–toy Estoril O Steven Seymour 1 excellent CAC
30.06 Clubshow O Brankovic 1 excellent CAC
16.06 Int.Dog show Erfurt O Dr. Zilly Italy 1 excellent, CAC Club/ VDH CACIB
14.10 Dortmund Int.Show Bundessieger J Skok (HU) 2Ecxellent, res.JCAC Club&VDH
22.09. Latina/Roma I Paolo Pietro Condó 1Excellent,CAC,CACIB, BOS
23.09. Latina/Roma I Jean Blangino 1Excellent,CAC, BOB
23.09. Latina/Roma I Elena Agafonova 1Excellent,CAC,CACIB
24.08. Estoril/Portugal J Dagmar Klein 1Excellent, JCAC,Best Junior, BOB
25.08. Estoril/Portugal J Michael Forte 1Excellent, JCAC,Best Junior, BOB
26.08. Estoril/Portugal J Manuel Loureiro Borges PT 1Excellent, JCAC,Best Junior, BOB,JBIS 4
29.07. Sintra/ Portugal J Des Manton (IE) 1 Excellent JCAC,Best Junior, BOB,BOG 4
28.07. Sintra/ Portugal J Martha Heine (DE) 1 Excellent JCAC,Best Junior, BOB