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Solino's Little Mr.N°One " Only" gain again CAC, CACIB and BOB to the christmas show in Wijchen, SUPER !!!!


....the same procedure than every year....

today we went with the first group of our dogs to the European College of Vetenary  Ophtalmologist (EVCO)  for their CERF's.
So I have to say it was the first time for  Cointroau & Chambertin Sua Sponte, results clear/normal . Legends Hurricane a Solino's,  was tested last year and now again result clear/normal.  In the beginning of the new year we will test the others too.


From the bottom of my heart I want to send a big thank you to Viviane, she showed Solino's Little Mr.N° One, in Brussels,  "Only's " result, Excellent 1. res.CAC & res.CACIB " Brussels Winner!" also. But foremost Viviane takes so great care and offer a great& lovely home .
copyright Viola Vermass


Our black beauty "Pathfinder" aka "Cracker Jack" arrived safely his new home and takes the heart by storm of his new mom Hege & the whole family. Good luck my sweety you have a special place in my heart.


Spain, Bilbao," Solino's Jezebelle" added another Champion title, ended up with CACIB & BOB . Jezzy is now Champion of Spain & Portugal. At the same show "Solino's Little Mr.N° One" won CACIB &BOS.
"Solino's Jezebelle" Champion of Spain & Portugal
In the Czech Republic at the clubshow in Praha/Prague  "Solino's Member of Mohawk" aka Smarty excellent 1, "Solino's On The Rocks" known as "Tyrone" ended up with BOB hl.  There was a entry of 117 CC. The day after, Tyrone won again the CAC, res. CACIB and another "Great Contender" son, "Rocky Puppo-Haichi" earn the BOB( entry 98 CC)
Denmark/ Herning the stunning "Puff Daddy" got puppy BOB under the judge Frank Sabella ( USA) 
Solino's Puff Daddy" Didi"
Thank you to all the lovely owners , we sure are pretty proud and delighted of our kids, and especially proud of the wonderful children & grandchildren of our "Lion King" Rocky. He has really proved himself, not only in the ring, but also as a wonderful producer who consistently produces beautiful well balanced puppies, both here at Solino's and for our breeder friends.


This weekend we stayed at home but we got some great emails with news from all over the world!! Our Nitro hit the rings with a bang in Finland - winning BOB on Saturday over a large entry of 61 Cresteds and a judge from Slovenia. Then on Sunday going on to win BOS. I am so thrilled as in just 3 shows he already has 2 BOB & a BOS!!

In France, Chester won twice the CAC with his co-owner Jacqui,

and on the other side of the Atlantic little Miss Twinkie (formerly known as Quanah!!) "Solino's Quintessence" won RWB at her first show.  Solino's Nothing But Versace received WD, BOS... Big congrats to all, we are very proud. 
In Spain/ Velez-Malaga , Solino's Little Mr. N° One received on saturday the CAC on the next day CAC,CACIB,BOS under the judge from Italy  M.Pogessi
Solino's Little Mr. N° One  "Only"


This weekend was a happy one - at 2 shows in Dortmund sharing many laughs with our lovely friend Trude. Crazy Bill was his normal self in the ring and won his class both days. We all had a great time and came home with big smiles.


Last friday we started our long drive to Bratislava.... just to watch  and to meet some lovely friends. Saturday we watched the clubshow in Slovakia, by the way a big thank you for the warm welcome there, we enjoyed the time so much. Sunday we watched the WDS, there were many nice CC, three boys out of our Solino's clan were entered: in the puppy's "Quid pro Quo "was placed  3rd, "On the Rocks" - excellent and "Member of Mohawk" won the Intermediate class and finished his Slovakian Champion title. All 3 boys were very well presented and they all have  the best homes I could wish for. Big thank you to Julia (who had to travel a very long distance), Jitka and Magda, super job!!!
"On The Rocks"

"Quid pro Quo"

"Member of Mohawk"

It is always a challenge to have a team from a newspaper come to your home.  They wanted to print a introduction to the CC breed. Well the report turned out very nicely and very fair , without any bad words about our wonderful breed. Thank you to the photographer S. Tollkühn and editor T.Böhm.

10.03./0.4 on Saturday Solino's Mad-Max" Tiger" won his class in Netherland ( Zwolle) and at the same show our youngster Harley won the Juniors and ended up with BOB, judge Mrs.B.Bradbury ( UK) Big congrats Trude & Sandra, great job!!

On sunday we showed also in Rostock, Int. dog show, Bill won the open class and his daughter Peachy had her first show experience there ( puppy 1st), what a bundle of energy and fun! Thank you Mr. Hans van den Berg ( NL).

Australia Also huge congrats to team Mohawk in Australia, on the Melbourne Royal Show,( the most important show in Down Under)  ,"MOHAWK RATTLIN BONES "a son  out of Solino's "Jackpot Contender for Mohawk" ended up with BOB. Vicky wrote to me, "he is now Royal BOB winner at just 1 year and 4 days old,the judge loved him, he is crazy as Jack, identical too look at only 12.5 inch. Runners Up /BOB :Am & Can Ch CRESTARS LEGENDARY BRUIZER "Tyson" is the great grandpa of " Mohawk Rattlin Bones"....................
The very handsome  "Mohawk Rattlin Bones" (  Bones) Absolute image of his sire, Aust. Ch. Solino's Jackpot Contender for Mohawk ...


After a relaxing summer break of 5 weeks, and  Mr.Bill success in Bremen we decided to show him again & also our boy, Harley. On Saturday Bill won  1st place in his class, and on  sunday too but then he went on to win BOB and BIG 4. Big thank you to the judge, Mr. Stefan Sinko, who made gave Mr Bill some great compliments!! Harley showed very well too , winning 2nd and next day 3rd place in his class
Big thank you for some of the great shots " Mongoshi" Cresteds !!

.......happens in the last month........

In the meantime during the last weeks, ( while we were relaxing in the sunshine at home) some kids out of our "clan" had their first experience in the show ring and they did great. Way to go Pokerface and Quincy, puppy BOB
Also another family member, Solino's Love Intrigue won 1st, in Limit Dog at the Richmond Championship show (UK) under the judge, Mr Stephen Bardwell.
Big congratulations to one & all, we are very proud and thankful.

   + 08.16.

We are of course, very proud of all the owners of our kids who are doing so well round the world but  it is with a very heavy heart and through tears that I send our deepest condolences to Natalja,who lost Solino's On White Socks "Summer " in a tragedy. Summer will live in our hearts forever and she is a shining Star above us! We and all her fans miss little Summer.  On a happier note, Summer's littermate "Tyrone" is full of energy  and nothing can stop him right now. He ended with BOB both days in Bratislava during the two day show there 15/16.08.09 . In Denmark "Kenzo" finished his Champion title and won best male there..................


Our last few weekends have had a really "international" flavour to them: first we spent a lovely time with our friend Jacqui from France, next we enjoyed the company of our friend Trude from the Netherlands and last but not least, all the way from Finland came Marika, Tiina, Anton & Luka. Please all come back very soon as it was such a pleasure to have you and it feels very quiet without you!



Well not all our news involves shows or show results - sometimes we prefer to stay at home with our lovely dogs and lovely friends. Last weekend our dear friend Jacqui from France came to visit for 5 days and, as always, we had a great time with her - she is one of our family - and she loves to eat German food! Then this weekend our good friend Trude from the Netherlands came to visit. We went on a great sight seeing tour of our fantastic home city, Berlin, with her and took some great photos which we will share in the Gallery. 
So 2 perfect weekends with 2 lovely dog friends !

07.19.    Mladá Boleslav

Jitka wrote to me ,to letting me know Tyrone today won his 10th show in a row in Czech Republic! There is always a lot of competetion. We are sooooooooooooooo proud of Jitka and Tyrone.


What a great friday......
and what a lovely smile in their faces, huge congrats to Henrik & Catalina

National show in Tvååker Sweden Judged was Inge Brodal Ronander Norway.

Label got Excellent and second best female in competition that day there was entered 38 crested.

The second day saturday the 11/7-09 Tvååker int Show

There was entered 57 crested 27 bitches,
Label beat 26 other Crested girl and von BOS, CAC, CACIB under judged Rune Lysgaard Norway

Hugs Henrik
Henrik with Snacky BOB and Catalina with Label BOS...what a perfect team

proudly presented.......Tyrone on tour and won under the judge  Dr. Želiko Gajic in Slowenien again. Great job Jitka!!

In her famous book "Born to Win", Pat Trotter writes:

“ When you look at a dog's pedigree, it tells you what he OUGHT to be…
When you look at a dog in the ring, it tells you what he SEEMS to be…
When you look at a dog's progeny, it tells you what he IS.”
Rocky is a dog in a million - a great pedigree, fantastic looks and movement.............and just look at the stunning puppies he has produced. Whatever Crested girl Rocky is bred to - he produces consistent type: wonderful movement and excellent bodies.  I could not be more proud of his children across the world.  Enjoy!!


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