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well , I'm lately with the pictures of the little pups.... out of  a perfect pair. I promise to place it in soon.

We are so proud, in an age of 11 months Solino's On The Rocks " Tyrone" finished his first title, there is is always a big competition.....he won his third show there in a row.
In the time we had a lazy day at home and took some pictures of the little ones......(pictures of the beautiful puppies will coming soon) Tyrone and Jitka did it again, huge congrats!!!
BTW, Big thank you to  Magda, kennel "GATTACA" for taking and sending  all the great pictures .We really appreciate it so much.

Dear Iris,
Today we were at CACIB Brno(CZ) and so I have again some great news for you The judge was Mr. Petr Rehánek (CZ) and Tyrone was great at always!!He was so perfect in the ring,he is the true show man!!And so,he ended up with Exc. 1,CAJC,and BEST JUNIOR CCD.And the last great news,with the 3 rd CAJC in hes career,he became Junior champion of Czech republic!! I am so proud of him!! I will send you the photos later when I will receive them from Magda and Franta.
I am so happy to have Tyrone,thank you again for him!!

Solino's On White Socks "Summer" won in Moscow both days  again the Juniorclass again and got the next JCAC's.....:-)  Summer needs only one JCAC more and she will finish her first title.

Congratulation to all the owners (Magda, Jitka, Nata )
Who had a successful weekend, we can't thank you enough for doing a great job with the dogs
Solino's On White Socks "Summer"
went to her very  first show ended up with 1 Exc. JCAC, BOB, BIG -3
Czech Republik
Solino's On The Rocks , again 1Ecx JCAC
Czech Republik
Solino's Member of Mohawk" Smarty"

well after recovering from our strange experience  last week in Dublin, on Sunday we went to an Int. dogshow  in Germany, Neumünster. Bill made his debut in the Intermediate Class, won CAC, CACIB, BOB. Princess Amber Excellent 3 and last not least our naked beauty Mogli was there, she was 4th in Intermediate. Mogli was a real favourite with all the spectators!

AND on the same day won "Tyrone" THE GRAND PRIX Slovakia Winner 2009, we are so happy, big congrats Jitka!!!
Solino's On The Rocks Grand Prix Winner 2009

Finally we are home after a long and tiring trip to Dublin for the Eurodog Show. We were so looking forward to our first trip to Dublin...but things did not go smoothly from the start! Even tho we reserved our trip months in advance, we discovered that Rocky & Bill could not travel on the same flight with us, and they would have to wait all alone at the airport over night.
So they took a nice trip to Paris instead, where our friend Jacqui Williams picked them up and took them with her by car & boat to Dublin. They all arrived happy and healthy after their adventure.
We enjoyed Dublin and all the people were so nice and friendly. The sun was shining and we were able to do some sight seeing. Dublin is a lovely city. we were so excited when the day of the show arrived..............
But the Eurodog Show was a BIG disappointment.
The rings were dirty and very basic. No carpets - just a piece of rubber matting stuck with tape to the floor. The entry was so poor - only 26 Cresteds!! Just 2 females in Open & Champion Class. The overall quality was not high either.The only good thing was to see "Sun -Hees Special Edition" for real. A stunning girl what deserved the BOB & Junior BIS -3, perfect handled by Marika, huge congrats again.!! 

Where were the "local" breeders & exhibitors? I had been hoping to see some UK & Irish dogs. All in all the trip was a big disappointment, because of the show. To travel to Ireland is costly and very complicated for those of us with dogs................and I don't think I will bother again. ........... and it was the CHAMPIONSHIP of Europe after all......... ......... ......... .it was shameful !!  

Solino's On The Rocks"Tyrone"
Solino's Jezebelle  won the CACS & CACIB at the Championship of Spain!!


<<<<< to stay @ Solino's ....it's a pretty  cool location
....so I will stay...... my time in the ring will coming soon.>>>>>


Not only Jacqui did great with Chester......, OH BOY 'S, I was over the moon by reading the
following email....

I have some great news again :))

This weekend we were in Salzburg, Saturday on Austrian club show (judge Jasna Matejcic/Croatia), where Solino's Member of Mohawk "Smarty" got CACA and Solino's On The Rocks "Tyrone" was Junior winner!

And Sunday, at Int. CACIB show .....what an another perfect day for Solino´s kids, Smarty got CACA and res. CACIB and Tyrone was Junior winner and achieved with BOB!!! The judge was Javier Sanchez Fernandez from Spain.

Many hugs Magda :-)

send big hugs to all of you and hope to see you soon, I'm so proud of all and big THANK YOU !!!




After a long break of 7 months Jacqui and Chester decided to hit the show ring again starting with a long 7000km round trip to Macedonia and Serbia. Under blue skies and beautiful sunshine (and temperatures of 36*+) .........

15.05.09 Skopje, Macedonia Chester wins Intermediate Class CACS/RCACIB to become CHAMPION of Macedonia
16.05.09 Indjija, Serbia Chester is 2nd in Intermediate Class
17.05.09 Nis, Serbia Chester wins Intermediate Class CACS and beats the Champiom and Opem Class for his first CACIB!!!

BIG and huge congrats Jacqui, also for Bisou & Sting, we will celebrate your great success in few days together, can't wait to see you again. Hermann is so glad you will be there too .



Solino's Fiorucci " Gucci" won in Dortmund the Champion Class, CAC, CACIB, BOB ,
"VDH European winner 2009"

.....the most common words in "Gucci's" judge report are , "she is dreamlike" ,
thank you to the special judge Mr. J. Grünn 
who recognized the high quality in a small package.

Solino's Member of Mohawk " Smarty" won exc. 1 CAC CACIB again.
Solino's Jezebelle won both days in Portugal the Champion Class , CAC, CACIB.
Solino's Lettermann "Jay" in UK, added another BOB to his collection.



In the time we enjoying with the little beauties the spring in the garden, I got the following message, Solino's Member of Mohawk was showed in Serbia Int. Show " Smarty " and Magda they are  an perfect team.

Hi Iris,
the week-end we had taken holidays and went to Sebia at two CACIB shows.
Smarty did the great start for his Interchampion title :-)
Saturday in Kragujevac, Smarty got CAC, CACIB, BOB and was BIG 3!!! Judge: Janjic Dragan. Sunday in Natalinci, Smarty got CAC and again CACIB. And so he became champion of
Serbia:-)) Judge was Stefica Lazic.

Manny hugs
Your friend Magda

Dear Magda, huge hugs to all of you too,we hope to see you soon .

It is always hard letting a puppy go to his new home - but the older the puppy is, the deeper the bond with him, and so saying good-bye is twice as hard.

So I knew April 23rd 2009 was going to be a difficult day for me as it was the day Nickleback's flight was reserved to go to his new home in England. To send a dog to UK is not a simple process - the paperwork must be started at least 7 months before the day he can travel. Together with my vet, we prepared all the necessary vaccinations, blood tests, and other obligations required to enter UK.

After 7 long months the day arrived - and it was a historical occasion because Nickel was to be the FIRST animal to enter UK by plane from Berlin! I was sad as I drove to meet the man who always arranges any dog shipments for me. But all went to plan - as of course all the paperwork & his pet passport were in order, and after making duplicates of every test & paper, I said a tearful farewell to Nickel and headed home.

All I had to do now was await the news he was in the arms of his new owner! Around 4pm local time the shipper called me to tell me the good news that Nickel had arrived safely. I was delighted and headed out to the supermarket, very relieved.

Imagine my horror when about an hour later I returned home to find an urgent email from my friend Jacqui in France as well as lots of messages on my phone from the new owner & Jacqui to say that British Airways had LOST all Nickel's papers and he would either be sent back - or put into quarantine!!!!!!!!! I was hysterical with worry.

I needed to contact my vet to ask her for a written attestation that all the papers were in order BUT she was on holiday!! At last I managed to speak to her on the phone and she so kindly agreed to get a babysitter for her children and to go into her clinique. There she wrote - in English - a full attestation including all dates & details and she faxed it to UK. We thought all would be ok................and we waited.............and waited.....................and waited.

Eventually, unable to wait any longer, the new owner had to leave to go home, although she was heartbroken to leave Nickel. So she drove the 3 hours home from London absolutely exhausted & so worried about her dog.

20 minutes after arriving home she got a call from British Airways to say they had FOUND Nickel's papers on the FLIGHT DECK!!!!!!! They had been forgotten and gone to ITALY when the plane took off again - and then they had to wait for the plane to return to London to have the papers. Thank GOODNESS the plane was not headed to another country, or poor Nickel would still be in his crate waiting. Of course they were all in order and she could come to collect him. So she turned around and drove back to London to release poor Nickle from his prison. At long last after a nightmare journey, they arrived home at 5am this morning.

A happy ending - but now we await the apology from the airline, and the offer of compensation for all the time, extra travel, extra veterinary costs, and so much worry...................I wonder how long we will have to wait???? Watch this space!

A simple 1 hour direct flight ended up becoming the journey from HELL of 17 hours. There is NO EXCUSE for this, and I cannot find the words to say how I feel about British Airways.


After a long day  of worry and touch and go connections my
girl has arrived  safely& healthy her new mom.  We already missing "Summer" so much. We wish her & her new owner all the best for the future.


we had the first home run with the kids, more under puppies.


Dear Iris

I have some news ! :-)

Yesterday (on CAC Ostrava ,58 CCD)

The Judge was very strikt, Karel Hořák who appreciated Smarty's qualities and gave him title,1 Excel. CAC.

We are so happy , it is not so easy to do it in the big competition as we have in CZ :-))

hugs to all of you :-)


>>>>> Magda, we are so proud of you both, thank you so very much for doing a great job with this little naked boy,I know you always have a big competition there !!!<<<<<<



Chinese crested dog club show - Breed Specialist of over 15 years - Entry 103 CCD, Solinos Letterman"Jay" won RBD .


well, we thought we might be a little bit rusty after a long break from showing.....
But thankfully, the dogs still remember what they have to do in the ring and so we had a great start  this year in Berlin Int.dog show again. Hurricane got his 3 double award CAC, VDH CAC , Best Junior and is now Junior Champion Club & VDH. Our puff princess, Amber, behaved there like a little Queen and won CAC & VDH CAC too. The top of our royal family was little Solino's Fiorucci"GUCCI ", she has had very limited showing, but is everybody's darling and won CAC, CACIB & BOS.
Before I went in the ring I got a call from Luxembourg, where my golden girls were showing Noriko and Harley, a very excited proud pretty girl told me Noriko won the Junior Champion title there and Harley got the second in Juniors.
This weekend couldn't be any better, a BIG Thank you to all who love and take good care of the little Solinos.


CAC Show Nitra, Slovakia, 47 chinese crested dogs,Solino's Tyrone won best puppy and Solino's Member of Mohawk won excellent 1, CAC and BOB.    Our special thank you to Jitka and Magda, WWOOOHHHHOOO , we thrilled for you.


UK, Birmingham Toy Dog Show, Solino's Letterman did it again .....BOB & WON THIRD BIS


In the meantime of our fantastic vacation some of our kids made their Debut in the ring.
Our last add.“ Mr.Harley” the man of power won his class, Solino's Noriko also just 9 months too won the Junior class too & Best female and ended up with BOS.
Solino's Nothing but Versace made us very proud in the States too, his first match he took in Group 2 and next show he took Group 1.

Gracey wrote: ” He is quite the handsome boy..and has stolen my heart.”

Huge Congrats to all , especial to my dearly friend “Dutch Rebel” see you soon J



We had the most beautiful time in the States again.



we are absolutely delighted as Honky & Bill presented us with 8 healthy little "typhoons"! Mother & babies are doing well, and Honky is being a great Mum ! Pictures coming soon.


Whilst we are having a wonderful time relaxing here in Florida, we just got the news that some of our our Solion's kids and their great owners have been doing a great job in the showrings back in Europe!

Solino's Tyrone - his FIRST time in the ring - won BIS Puppy at the Club Show in Slovakia, while Solino's Member of Mohawk won BOB, entry of 37 CC.!!The same day, but in the Netherlands, Solino's Little Number One was awarded CACIB, CAC & BOS, while the beautiful Rocky daughter "Chi-Chi" went BOB at that show! Could I ask for more???

We are very excited to announce our next upcoming  litter ,  out of my  favourit girl "Honky" and the sire is our wild boy " Hurricane" . Both have amazing temperaments and so we are expecting some little "Typhoons" to hit Solino's in mid March!


Schow Zutphen in Netherlands, I'm really very proud of the kids out of ROCKY.  Solinos Little Mr.Number One "Only" won the CAC ...., " Chi-Chi" won CAC,Best female, BOB, BIG and finally this little girl ended up with BIS , of all kind of dogs!! Like I said before watch about this girl in the future..........  Viviane we are so proud, GO :-)  Solinos Mad Max "Tiger" our stubborn mule got  excellent 2, I know Trude is doing the best with him.  Big hugs to my friends in Dutchland.

Solino's Show Team has a new look for 2009!  We thought it was about time we updated our home on the web, and so first we commissioned some wonderful artwork of the Solino's dogs from the celebrated Las Vegas artist Robin. We are thrilled with the    resulting paintings.Then we asked the great German webdesigner Marion to give our home an "extreme makeover" . She listened to our ideas, made some suggestions....and voilà ! We'Ve moved house!
We are absolutely delighted with our new, modern, Bright and Very tasteful home - and we hope you will love it too. Both Robin & Marion have been a real pleasure to work with, always open and attentive to our ideas, and kind and understanding when sometimes we asked for changes. We cannot thank them enough.
So we are thrilled and delighted to welcome you to our brand new home, and we hope you'll come back often.
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