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a royal visit from MISS JUNIOR WORLD WINNER!
Quincy & our little Miss World Riva came to visit, bring with them Julia & Sergej . It is always great to see them!
Little Miss Riva who was just a little baby just a year ago is now
Big congratulations to her lovely owners Julia & Sergej.
They also showed little Quincy who took 4 rd place in a big (23) Class.
Such great results for such super owners!
06.18. 3 nice puppies are born here @ Solino's...fat and healthy....We are very thankful...
Germany 06.12/13 Little Quin  Quina started her show career at the beginning of May. She was shown 5 times here & she won 1st place x 4 times CAC and once was 2nd place res. CAC. Her wins include a Junior BIS 3! She has finished her Junior Champion title VDH & Club in only a month!

Hot News comes in again,

06.07. Solino's Peachy Hot Peppercorn arrived safely her new mom Nancy.

>>>>>> She is every bit the beautiful supermodel that she looked like in her pictures! Peachy is mine and I am so in love with her already! She is an absolute
doll,already big friends with Ellie the whippet and not afraid
of anything.<<<<<<
from Michelle, :the sweetest little girl at the show, my Twinkie "Quintessence" went Reserve to a 4 point major on Sunday.

from Nancy, : "Ready to Rock" was shown in USA and went BOB again!

from Julia & Sergej, : Kazakhstan ," Quincy" became the best junior males, and "Riva" J- BOB , BOB and JUNIOR BEST in Show-1!!! Both are now also in add. Young Champion of State Kazakhstan.



Wonderful news to celebrate his 1st Birthday, Solino's Rebell Yell aka " Flash" finished his Russian Junior Champion title.

"Flash's results from the weekend:
1 Exc, JCAC, Best junior, BOB, BIG-2, BIS JUNIOR - 3
1 Exc, JCAC, Best junior, BOB, BIG-1, BIS JUNIOR - 1


Once again, the last two weekends were full of great news round the world.
In Krasnodar, Solino's Rebell Yell won two times there 1 Exc, JCAC, BEST JUNIOR (judge - Galiaskarov S.(Rus)
Regional dogshow- 1 Exc, JCAC, BEST JUNIOR (judge - Pirogova I.(Rus)
In Canada Solino's Ready finished his Canadian Champion title, big congrats Nancy, Fantastic. In USA at the Crested Nationals in Oklahoma (150 CC) little Miss Twinkie "Solino's Quintessence" placed all 4 days: 4th, 3rd, 1st, and 2nd. her lovely owner  Michelle     said she showed like a little dream :-)
In Norway , Solino's Cracker Jack ( my little special darling) On the first day he was placed second in junior class with an Honour Prize. The next day we had the Norwegian Speciality Show 2010, "Cracker" won from the  Junior Class 2 best male with his first Norwegian CAC. "Cracker " was  also   in a class we call "Children and Dog", and got the second place, out of 15 kids with dog. My special thank you goes  to little  little Sanna ( 9 years old ), you both are looking very cool together and Hege you know I highly respect your great care of the 2 & 4 legged kids.
We spent a fantastic time with our friend Alejandro in Madrid for a couple of days, thank you Alberto and Alex for your great hospitality and everything. At the Championship Show in Talavera... Legends Hurricane at Solino's got the second in open class 2 Excellent r.CAC, r. CACIB, also a beautiful daughter "Daryl" out of our legendary "Rocky" was shown there 2 Excellent r.CAC there was 47 CC entered.
In Bratislava, Solino's Tyrone ended up in the Champion class 1 excellent CAC and on the second day 2 excellent R.CAC In Canada Solino's Ready To Rock  went Winners Dog again. Our VIP guest, Am. Ch. Altacrest's Jumpin' Jack Flash At Olivera's was shown both day's in Germany ( Marienberg) & ended up with 1 excellent  CAC, BOB, BIS-4 , second day 1 excellent CAC...so far five times in the show ring in Germany and he has 5 CAC in his bag. The black Beauty, Solino's Quin Quina in the Junior class, 1 excellent, J-CAC, BOS, BIS-Junior 3 , second day 2 excellent r.CAC.


Summaries about the latest News@ Solino's...it keeps me so very busy, LOL

The events:        
On the first weekend in May Linda went to Ireland to show Solino's Lettermann there, " Jay "won CAICB
and green star first day at Fermoy Int Show and Green star on the second Day at South Tipperary Show. Fantastic Linda !!
Also our VIP guest arrived here, Luiz, Olivera Cresteds sent his best buddy, Am. Champion Altarcrest's Jumpin 'Jack Flash over ,
to spent a nice vacation in Germany. Jack is such a lovely boy.  
We went on 7th May to Dortmund, "Jack" was Reserve Winners Dog, by the way a big thank you to the judge Rafal First,
he was the most friendly and gentle judges and it was a pleasure to show the dogs there. So I want to share the  judge
report of Jack from his first show in Germany, the other reports are nearly the same.
>>> very elegant strong dog, beautiful deep chest, beautiful head, excellent neck, topline and tailset.Excellent  angulation and  movement Excellent coat structure, beautiful healthy skin. Excellent handling<<<<<<<<<<<<

Sandra showed perfectly our little black beauty Solino's Quin Quina there and
ended up Excellent 1 Best Junior Female, Bravo Sandra:-)
Solino's Peachy Hot Peppercon ended up Excellent 2, behind Quin Quina, so I was very happy
with my youngsters both are in the same age.....

The next two days in Dortmund "Jack" ended up with Excellent 1 VDH-CAC.
Solino's Fiorucci ended up both days with excellent 1 in Champion class it is always "eye candy"
to see Janina in the ring with " Gucci" !
Big thank you to Sandra , Hermann and me spent the most lovely time together with you.
Back at home...... we received also great NEWS from Canada, Solino's Ready To Rock,
went to his first Canadian show he went Best of Winners.  big congrats !!

The One and Only, our Int. &Multichampion Legends The Great Contender aka " Rocky", everybody's darling ,
celebrate his fifth birthday.Thank you to all for the nice messages we received about it. 
In Russia, OMSK was showed the lovely Solino's Rive Gauche,became Best Junior female 
and also the hansome guy "Quid Pro Quo" was Best Junior male, Julia you did great again and Sergej your pics are mostly the best, thank you so much.  

I really hope, I didn't forget to mentioned somebody here....


there is a new Junior Champion in town......, Solino's "Quid Pro Quo"  gained his first Championtitle in Russia.
On the same show Solino's "Rive Gauche" won her class went Best Junior and BOB .
Her brother " Rebell Yell" had his show debut  in Russia too, he also did very well and ended up J-CAC and Best Junior,
Nata told me the judge  has especially noted excellent movements and anatomy.
Y ou all doing great , BIG THANK YOU.

Quid Pro Quo

Rive Gauche

Rebell Yell

............Can you see Rocky's proud smile......., 3 kids out of him did great again last weekend ......., we stayed at home and enjoyed the first spring days, big congrats to the lovely owner .

In (CZ) Ostrava Solino's "On The Rocks" ended up with BOB .

In (Spain) Cuenza , "Granduca Nerone Pazzda" BOB and
Solinos "Little Mister N°One" BOS .

We are so proud of our little boy "Ready"!! He only crossed the Atlantic a few weeks ago but already he is living up to his name with a couple of wins under his belt. This Easter weekend he and Nancy were in Syracuse, NY where they won Winner's Dog & Best Of Winners both days! There were a lot of famous dogs & handlers there, which makes Ready's wins so exciting for us! Well done to him & Nancy!
It is great to receive all the wonderful news of our Solino's babies - but I think they are keeping my webmaster busy with all the updates ......!

EURASIA 2010 Yesterday we had a great & super surprise: we received these fantastic photos and wonderful news from our friend Julia & Sergei:

<< we have just returned from Eurasia. In the first day Quincy has taken the third place among 24 dogs of juniors. Riva has taken the fourth place from 26 females junior.
In the second day Quincy has entered into final selection, and Riva has taken the third place among females junior. <<

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to little Quincy & Riva but especially to their wonderful owner/handlers Julia & Sergei, who looked so smart also in the ring. Riva & Quincy have such a great life with you - and results like these are the icing on the cake! Thank you for taking such great care of our Solino's babies.

"Video of Riva"


received the following note........

Last year at National show in Nitra, Smarty got BOB. Next year, so today at the same show, again a boy from Solino´s won the title BOB and it was Tyrone!!! Congratulations Iris!!! :-))"

...Last weekend, having spent almost a week in the hospital , I was so happy to be back home & to receive so many lovely emails containing great News from some little ones out of our kennel - which help for a speedy recovery!

In Russia, first time in the Junior class, "Rive Gauche" won Best Junior. The next day " Quid Pro Quo" , Best Junior, BOB, BIS 3.

"Rive Gauche"
"Quid Pro Quo"
In the States little "Quintessence " went Best of Winners for a 4 point MAJOR , picture will coming soon
  In Netherlands "Little Mister N° One" finished his Dutch Champion and earned BOS there.
  In TampereNitro was 2nd in his class, judge was Carl-Gunnar Stafberg from Sweden.
"Notorious Nitro at Legends"
   Club Show Bernolákovo ,   Judge: Viera Vítková (SK) 64  entry CCD      " On The Rocks" Excellent 1 CAC. 
"ON The Rocks"
Needless to say we are so happy & delighted for all their lovely owners and I know all  kids  are  very loved and getting the care that a little Chinese Crested dog deserves, SUPER !!!!!

03.12. I was delighted to see my boys again during my visit to Crufts!

A much loved & very happy "Letterman" aka Jay was excellently shown by his owner Linda "Konishiki", to a 2nd place in the Good Citizen Dog scheme and his brother, Spicy won Ist in Limit Dog.
1st Mit der rechten Maustaste hier klicken, um Bilder downzuloaden. Um Ihre Privatsphäre besser zu schützen, hat Outlook den automatischen Download dieses Bilds vom Internet verhindert. SOLINO'S LOVE INTRIGUE  (IMP DEU) (MRS V J MOON)


There is no better feeling than getting great health test results

The following dogs were tested byDNA at the AHT in UK

for Primary Lense Luxation


Legends The Great Contender

Legends Hurricane At Solinos

Mohawk Fatal Attraction

Solino's Exotic Darjeeling

Cointroau Sua Sponte

 Chambertin Noir Sua Sponte

it means also ALL offspring out of them are clear by parents too for PRA and PLL.

03.03. There is no question who is the best man from the airport Berlin-Tegel, thank you Mr. Micha for all what you did and do for us, we couldn't ship any Solino's  round the world without you !!!! You are simple the best.  On this day, little "Ready" went to his new destination what a long trip....., luckily  he arrived safety, happy & healthy there. Good luck little guy.


What a great belated birthday present.....  perfect in timing, Solino's Label was showed 5 times in Russia, she takes all in a row, 5 x BOB. Label is now Champion of Russia , she is a typical stunning daughter out of the top producer "Rocky".  Tania did a fantastic job with Label there , thank you so much Tania! Big congrats to all involved we are pretty proud together with her owner Henrik.



I really don't know where to start first.......great "NEWS" from round the world.

They all make me so very very proud , just let me start with the young one's.
-Solino's Rive Gauche " Riva " was showed at two shows in Sibiria , at the first exhibition she became best puppy & BIS 4 puppy.
At the second exhibition again best puppy & BIS 2 puppy...
Solino's Quid Pro Quo " Quincy "takes in an age of 9 months ,
CW , J-BOB , BOB, Junior BIS-2 , BIG-1 and BIS-3
His lovely sister " Quintessence " won her puppy class and went again to the RWB in the States....
At the international dog show in Brno with a huge entry of 71 CC, Solino´s On The Rocks " Tyrone " finished his Czech. championship title, and also " Smarty " Solino´s Member of Mohawk finished this titles there as well..
  In Eindhoven the lovely & stunning Puff boy Solino´s Little Mr. Number One " Only " won res.CAC , res.CACIB..

Legends Hurricane at Solino's " Mr. Bill" was showed very limited in Germany, with 9 shows only, he is 3th on the ranking list  for
   Best Chinese Crested of the Year 2009 !!!

.......out of the Junior class Solino's "Quid pro Quo" aka Quincy ended up in an age of just 9 months with BOB, SUPER!! 

Riva's second show in Russia, and won again the puppy BOB, we are very proud together with the lovely owner.

The Winner Takes It All.....
Legends Hurricane at Solino's has taken anything.....
2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB, PORTO WINNER 2010, Qualification Crufts


Solino's "Nitro" only started his show career very late in 2009 - at the end of
September he was entered in a show for the first time in the Intermedia class but  he is
ranked in 6th place  in Finland, Tiina you are great !!
So I want to share a short clip of both to show what they  doing in the ring.

Novosibirsk, Solino's Rive Gauche  first show time.......Best Puppy

A Great start to 2010!!
Instead of staying at home in this winter snow chaos, some lovely
owners of our kids went to dog shows: , in Olomouc National show (CZ)
61 Chinese Crested entered, Judge / Karel Horák (CZ), Ch. Solino's
Member of Mohawk "Smarty" 1 excellent , CAC and  his  half-brother
Solino's On The Rocks "Tyrone" ended up also with 1 excellent  CAC.
On the other side of the world, USA with the same snow madness there ,
Solino's Quintessence " Miss Twinkie" won best puppy, then she went to
get RWB, it was a good entry with 15 girls entered.


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