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         " SUMMARY "

........... so many nice results in the last 4 weeks,

I really hope I didn't forgot to mention anyone ..............

+++Solino's Lettermann won the CC & BOB at the Championship show in Darlington, entry of 91 Cresteds!!
+++Solino's Versace Blue Jean went BOW in Canada.
+++Solino's Without a Doubt went to the Int. dog show Gibraltar and won both days the BOB in puppy class.
+++Her brother " Wow Factor" was following in her foot steps and won in Madrid a puppy BOB too.
+++Solino's Valentino Rock N' Rose " Shorty " was in the show ring for the first time at the Int. dog show in Rostock, where he won the title and Junior BOB.
+++ Solinos's Quintessence " Twinie " won BOS and 4 GCH in the USA
+++ South Africa , Solino's Notorious Nitro won Reserve BIS.

+++Our princess Treasure Trove did great too, also took the title and Junior BOS at the same show.+++

Just for the experience we had taken some youngsters with , to train them a bit for their start in the near future, the CREW is completed .

At the very well know Int. dog show in Dortmund , " Shorty " won the " Bundessiegerjunior title" and got his second award . Treasure got an excellent there.

Big thank you & BRAVO to all the lovely owners .


Where to start???
August and early September have been packed with worldwide excitement!!!

Germany: It seemed just yesterday he was born, but little " Tiger Woods"was at his first show, the Chinese Crested Club Show - and he won the title "Club Junior Champion" and then at his next 2 shows he also won everything to complete his Jr CH title!
Portugal: We spent a super weekend with friends, their dogs, good food, good weather & good wine! The first show ,Mr Bill won Best hairless Dog at the Toy Club Specialty to complete his Championship of Portugal, and at the National & International shows the same weekend, he also won Best Hairless!
South Africa: Lynn is doing such great things with Sammy who won a BIS 4!

Netherlands: Riva is winning again a CACIB and BOB, Quincy RCACIB, a beautiful daughter out of Riva and Quincy was winning BIS puppy
and the icing on the cake!!

The Winner of the EURO DOG SHOW 2012 and BOB
>>>>>>>> Solino's Rive Gauche<<<<<<<<<<< To
add. yet another title to her already very long list of champion titles - amazing for such a very young female, just 2.5 years old!

Riva also became Champion of Netherlands too.


It was a big adventure for me to travel to deepest Kansas all alone - but well worth it !  What a welcome I got from lovely Michelle who picked me up at the airport and drove me to meet Carol & Mark of Whispering Lane. We spent a super long weekend together with other friends who had come to meet me. The perfect recipe for a fun time - kind lovely people, such a comfortable welcoming home and of course AMAZING dogs! I enjoyed my all too short weekend in their company and will never forget watching Mark & his dogs together............A TRUE DREAM TEAM!!! Thank you all so much for making me so welcome and for entrusting me with little Lady M. Next time I will bring Hermann , it is such an amazing place to life and enjoy the life and we will for sure stay longer !
07.31/30 Germany

Dominique did a fantastic job with our boy Egillo Teramonu, he ended up with CAC, CACIB and BOB on the first day and on the second CAC and BOB. I'm so happy for you both, fantastic result.

07.30. Sweden

SOLINO'S QUID PRO QUO - CAC, CACIB, BOB brand new Swedish Champion!

07.29 Denmark

Solino's Rive Gauche CACIB & BOB

07.28. Denmark

Solino's Quid Pro Quo CAC, CACIB, BOS and he is now Champion of Denmark too .
Solino's Rive Gauche R-CACIB
07.24. Belgium "Golden Trophy Dog Show"

there was 3 dogs out of our breeding........... I couldn't be more proud , thank you Viviane, Julia & Sergej .

Lovely Only,Solino's " Little Mr. Number One " got Excellent 1,CACIB, CAC today at Int. Show Liege, Belgium and he earned now his INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION title!! I'm so happy! Congrats to his breeder Iris Schultz !!
Solino's Quid Pro Quo , Excellent 1, CAC,R-CACIB.
Solino's Rive Gauche CAC, CACIB, Golden dog Trophy, BOB, BIG 2 .



We are so happy for Abasse and Solino's "Up Up & Away" he has taken again the BIG 1 and finally BIS 2 , Thank you Abasse and Christophe !!! 

Great results from Portugal, Ch. Solino's " Riva" & Ch. Solino's Quincy winning again the titles there, WOOOOHHHHOOOOO .
On Sunday, the Championship of Portugal 07/17/11

Solino's Quid Pro Quo-CAC, CACIB !
Solino's Rive Gauche - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2!
Solino's Something Spectacular -J.CAC !


On Saturday , 07/16/11 Lisboa Winner 2011
Solino's Quid Pro Quo - CAC, CACIB !
Solino's Rive Gauche - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-3!
Solino's Something Spectacular -J.CAC, Best junior female, JBOS !


07.10. While we spent a great time in Paris, another great win in South Africa, the boy's do so well there with Lynn, "Solino's Up to Somthing" Best Puppy in group !!
Ch. Solino's Notorious Nitro at Legends endet up with 3th in toy group, thank you for doing such a wonderful job there Lynn.


Congratulations on the results of ALL of our dogs
shown  at the World Show
to their lovely owners

Junior , Solino's Up Up and Away : Excellent
Champion, Solino's Rebell Yell : Excellent 3
Champion, Solino's Quid Pro Quo Excellent
Champion, Solino's Little Mister N°1 Excellent 4
Champion , Solino's on The Rocks Excellent 4
Champion, Solino's Rive Gauche Excellent 3

The Legend boy's " Rocky" & Mr. Bill couldn't be more proud of their offspring .

...für Fotos auf das Bild klicken!!!!

All Breed CHAMPIONSHIP of FRANCE, Paris, France

Solino's Rive Gauche" Riva" Excellent 1 , CAC and Solino's Quid Pro Quo " Quincy" Excellent 1 CAC and BOB   ( entry 187  CC )

Legends Hurricane @ Solino's " Mr. Bill" was showed by our lovely friend Jacqui in France and earned the CACIB and BOB there, " Mr. Bill " is now international Champion ( FCI ) too. Thank you so much Jacqui  !

Whit Sunday was a special day for us............."Solino's Notorious Nitro " finished his South African Champion title by storm, after several BOB and 2nd in toy group placings there, well done Lynn. Solino's On The Rocks " Tyrone " has taken the CACIB and BOB in Austria. Miss Deby has given birth to our solo puppy " Yankee Doodle Dandy " , both doing very well. So it was a perfect weekend for us again.


This Sunday we decided to have a little "outside" fun with our dogs as we were all getting lazy just playing in the garden!
So we jumped into the car at 5am and drove all the way to Neumünster , to the International dog show.

We met some friends and saw some of our lovely owners who had also come with their Solino's babies. Vivienne & Dominique showed Solino's Quin Quina and Solino's little Mister Number One who BOTH won excellent 2 and res CAC. Huge congrats to Domi and Vivi!! We showed Mr Happy - Eggi - who won BOB JUNIOR!! and Pepper "Solino's Spirit Never Dies" finished Excellent 2 and res. J-CAC!

So we all (humans & dogs) returned home, happy with our nice happy day.

But on our arrival home MORE great news -

first from FRANCE : " Solino's Up Up" first time in the juniors, BOB junior and RBIS, BRAVO Abasse! next from SPAIN : Solino's Without a Doubt had her show debut there, the little darling starts great with puppy BOB, you girls rock there. XX
and then from RUSSIA : Solino's Rebell Yell returns after a long winter break , and during 4 days he rocked the shows winning a Group 1 and taking 3 new titles: Champion of Belorussia, Champion of Russia and Club Winner! Fantastic Nata !!!!
and at last from SOUTHAFRICA , Solino's Notorious Nitro got second place in toy group and the youngster Solino's Up to Something did it alike his brother in France this weekend  RBIS , WOOOHHHOO we thrilled for you Lynn, super results again !!!


05/13/14/15 Another super Solino's weekend WORLDWIDE!

Fabulous Friday :

CANADA: Chester finished his Canadian Championship  by taking Best of Breed over specials. Big congrats to Jacqui, to Nancy for perfect handling and to Sanna the breeder.

Super saturday:

SOUTH AFRICA: Solino's Notorious Nitro - GROUP 2!!!!! Bravo Lynn!

SWITZERLAND: Int.dog show St. Gallen Riva, CACIB, BOB, Quincy res. CACIB

Sentational Sunday:

SWITZERLAND: Quincy CAIB ,Riva again CACIB, BOB and BIG 1 under the breed specialist Andrew Brace



What could be better than a wonderful weekend in the sunshine in our garden at home, playing with our dogs? Nothing! But the icing on the cake is when you hear great results from friends and their doggies all over the world!!

At the big famous FCI Century Winner Dortmund show, little Miss Riva won yet another title " FCI Century winner " and ended up with BOS. As always, Julia did great with her and also with  Quincy he got the second place. Riva remind me so of Rocky's times in the ring, he was winning also all the times and he also won the " VDH century winner 2006 ".

The next day - another big win, Riva a true showgirl won the European Winner title and ended up with BOB, enterd 58 dogs!! Amazing!

Quina also showed very well and got a second place in the open female.

The same weekend in faraway South Africa, and Saturday, Nitro was at his first show there &  won BOS and mini grand BIS 2, he was beaten by his lovely girlfriend Maizy. On Sunday Nitro won again the Champion Certificate and BOS.
Of course we are over the moon!

A huge thank you to all our dogs and their wonderful owners all over the world.

Last but NEVER least we celebrated the 6th birthday of the legendary Rocky,

- Rocky is a joy to live with, being kind & wise. Plus as a father & grandfather he produces consistent type: wonderful movement and excellent bodies. I could not be more proud of his children across the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCKY - the ONE & ONLY !!!


Special Easter gifts for us at Solino's!!

We have such lovely friends & owners here at Solino's and this easter they sent us some super Easter news! Solino's Rive Gauche "Riva" won again in Uzbekistan, CACIB, BOB, BIG 1, BIS 1.......so exciting!! She AND Solino's Quid Pro Quo " Quincy" are now new Champions of Uzbekistan too!

Then on darling Hermann's birthday - 2 special gifts for him when Label won in Denmark BOB to finish her Danish title, and on the other side of the world Sammy won CC & Group 3 in South Africa.


What a weekend for these 2 Solino's brothers..........first in South Africa, Sammy beat his best girlfiend Maizey to win BOB adult and then RBPIS!!
His hairless brother Uppy in France won BEST in SHOW Puppy at the International Show in Pau, France!!!
Bravo to their lovely owners Lynn & Abasse - we know you love your Solino's babies so much and thank you for showing them so well:-)



Toledo Spain -  we are very proud of little " Solino's Something Spectacular ", Somy & her dad Alejandro for winning the J CACS & Junior BOB
Although I don't like shows so much ,we went out to the Int. dogshow in Berlin,

Egillo had just arrived from sunny France by the way a huge thank you to my friend Jacqui who has given him a great & lovely time . Egillo is a pure pleasure to show and even the special judge who made the confirmation for the dogs recognized the family resemblance of his dad and granddad. Egillo finished with Excellent 2 res. JCAC.

For some more experience , I decided to show Spirit too, the judge liked her a lot and Spirit won her first junior CAC.

Thank you to the special judge P. Machetanz.

Johannesburg , 2 x our little Solino's Up To something "Sammy" won reserve CC, 1x Sammy reserve best of breed and 3rd in pup group

His new Mum is very proud of him and writes:


The mom of Solino's Winner Takes all arrived from Finland to pick up her baby, Saga, thank you so much for waiting so patiently all the long time ... May all your dreams come true together.

Today at the CACIB in Novosibirsk (Russia) - Solino's Quid Pro Quo - CACIB and BOB



SUMMARY for the last 3 weekends!

On the day Solino's On The Rocks won another double CACIB and added another title to his list >>> GRAND Champion Czech Republik>>> his little half-brother touched the showground for the first time in Cape town, South Africa , Solino's Up to Something, " Sammy "( age just 5 months) won the puppy BOB, and then had to go back in the ring with the adults and champions from the toy group  and won the third place in the group! Super results for Jitka and Lynn, we are thrilled for you!

Our lovely son Chester co-owned with Jacqui Williams, out of my soulmate , Multi Champion " Legends The Great Contender" is currently campaigned in Canada by Nancy Peterson, (Bodeswell)  ended up with Best of Winners ....

Mr. Bill has won his final award for the German Championship, Club - Champion and VDH Champion and ended up with BOS.
Raven-Lee has now won her Junior CAC and Miss Deby the reserve CAC.
Just for fun we showed  " Treasure " , who was awarded very promising best youngster female.


This weekend our little baby Sammy won best pup in show and 4th best in show at the toy open show in South Africa!! What a little star!

The King's Family Fortunes - 2 BOB wins in 2 countries!

01/17 & 01/22   

First weekend : The SON, our sweet EGGI 'Egillo z Teramonu' bred by Jitka Krnavkova & co-owned with Jacqui Williams (Domaine du Président, France) won BOB Junior , than he was among the last 5 for the group at the big Internatonal Show in Bordeaux France (3500 dogs entered!)

Next weekend: His FATHER TYRONE "Solino's on the Rocks" owned by Jitka Krnavkova  won BOB at the big International Show in Trencin with over 60 Cresteds entered!!
Wonderful results for the KING's family!!! Congrats to all!

"The apple never falls far from the tree!"

01.09. 2011

 just couldn't start any better , " Something Spectacular " aka Somy was showed the first time and has taken the J-CAC & BOB . Thank you Alejandro for doing such a great job and foremost to offer such a lovely home, see you.


To all those I care deeply about and you know who you are, thank you for your friendship, support and love, wishing you all you would wish for yourself in 2011 .

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