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summary of one months.............

I have had an exciting time since we went to Schloß Meisdorf on the first weekend in July. It was an out side show and the weather lovely. I showed Yankee , Ecstasy and Chilly there . On saturday all dogs won their class and just for fun and for the first time ever I showed Yankee and Ecstasy in the brace class . It was such a nice feeling when they won BIS. The youngster Chilly ended up with puppy BIS 2. What a great start for a puppy!!

3 weeks later we went to a lovely Show in Croatia where Yankee won 4 CAC's in all 4 shows! He also won 2 CACIB's and gained the Champion title from Croatia and also fullfiled the conditions for Int. Champion. Yankee & Ecstasy also were shown on one day in brace class there ,it was a huge competition of 30 beautiful couples..... and again they won BIS....what a feeling.

At the same shows Ecstasy won 2 days the J CAC and 2 days she got the res. J CAC. On the last day there she ended up with BOB and the icing on the cake she also got BIS Junior out of all 10 groups It was an amazing feeling and tears of joy filled my eyes.

Then off we went to Helsinki to visit the World dog show and to show Ecstasy there. She made us very proud and ended up with the 2nd place out of 33 bitches in the Junior class.

On the same weekend in South Africa ,Solinos " InCog Neat Ho" (7 months old) won puppy BOB and 4th in the toy group at the Cape Town Kennel Club open show


We are delighted to announce our latest news .

At the show in Erfurt, Ecstasy won another CAC in huge competition ,plus best female and Junior BOB. Yankee was shown only once, the following day at the IDS and our little boy made us so proud he won the Champion class, best male and he won the BOB. The same day Ecstasy his half sister was doing a fantastic job again and won her class , the Junior BOB & BOS and finished her Club & VDH Champion title. She was showed only 4 times in Germany.!!

Far away in South Africa Sammy was winning BOB again.

All in all it was a perfect weekend for us and many thanks to the judges who likes our dogs so much.

31.05 / 02.06
We went to Neumünster to show Yankee and Ecstasy , both won the res. CAC there. Solino's Tiger Woods became German& VDH Champion at this show too.
So we had a lovely day there , meeting old friends and showing some of the clothes from our "ForMyDogs" collection. Friends from Denmark was coming and so in the Junior class was winning Solino's Designed for Destiny " Mailo"

In the Ukraine Hot On High Heels won puppy BOB and BIS puppy 3 only the second time she
hit the ring and became so successful , huge congrats to her owner.
In faraway South Africa Ch SOLINOS UPTO SOMETHING. 2 BOB and a GROUP 2.. The next day
at the KUSA NATIONALS he won the title of "KUSA National Chinese Crested Dog" and then went on to win 3rd in the Toy Group..
And in Russia another pretty Puff , Solino's Fashion Freak also won BOB.
Huge congrats to all the clever and lovely owners and handlers ,
BRAVO !! and a special kiss for each Soliono's kid xxx


After such a long long break we were back in the dog world to show our kids.
Erfurt, Yankee went back in the ring 23rd March in Germany and won BOB .
Always an exciting moment to bring out a youngster for the first time, Ecstasy had her debut aged 9 months ansd she made us very proud , still the youngest she won Junior BOB, BOB and at least BIS JUNIOR 3.
Yankee won the Champion class as well too.
To meet our friends again we travelled to Italy, Napoli with Ecstasy. Both days she was handled by our friend Maura & both days did great. First day out of the Juniors BOB and the next day BOS. It was lovely to watch them from ringside. Big thank you again Maura !!
Hans im Glück and Hot on High Heels had their puppy debut in Italy and Ukraine both was very sucessfull and winning puppy BOB, they will be future stars.
To my big pleasure Solino's Rive Gauche went back to Germany to one of the most importents show in Dortmund , she won the Bundes sieger title and BOB and BOG 3. And then in Italy Riva was winning 17/5/2014 CACIB,BOB ang BOG 1!!!
Another super win went to Solino's Annie Oakley , she was winning in Poland , Int. dog show Lodz , CACIB, BOB, and also BOB 3.
Huge congratulations to all who care so much and who are showing the dogs so well.

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